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Would You Rather Questions

We’ve also included tough and funny “Would You Fairly” questions. Included are some of the finest “Would You Rather” questions available.


80 Amusing Would You Questions

Some “Would You Rather” questions are just plain entertaining. These questions work well for school and team groups, or anytime you want to have fun.

Would you rather eat a little can of cat food or eat two rotten tomatoes?
Would you rather be completely bald or covered from head to toe?
Would you always need to skip everywhere or run everywhere?
Would you have hands instead of feet or feet rather than hands?
Would you rather have a unicorn horn or a horse’s tail?
Would you rather hold a jellyfish to a snake or kiss?
Would you rather consistently smell odor skunk or always rotten meat?
Would you rather have a monkey face or a pig nose?
Would you rather surf in shark-infested waters or jump with a parachute into the Grand Canyon?
Would you rather have your grandma’s hairdo or first name?
Would you wear diapers that are observable for the remainder of your life or rather drink all your food from a baby bottle?
Would you sing instead of speak or rather always talk in rhymes?
Would you rather suffer from unpredictable fainting spells or impulsive shouting?
Would you wear a tutu daily for a year or rather wear clown makeup daily for per year?
Would you rather need to use a public toilet that’s dark and not extremely clean or one that’s a snake within it?

“Would You Questions” for Teenagers

Teenagers sometimes consider games to be childish or ignorant. Nevertheless, “Would You Rather” keeps them interested and entertained. Attempt our questions at a teen party or any function with teens.

Would you not use your computer for a month or not eat junk food for a month?
Would you rather live in Narnia or go to school?
Would you rather have just two close friends or many acquaintances?
Would you rather be known as the greatest student in your school or be the captain of one of the sports teams?
Would you rather always need certainly to sing instead of speaking or dancing you went?
Would you rather be the star basketball player in your school’s losing team or sit on the bench all season with your school?
Would you rather keep your state from a terrible disease or an invasion?
Would you be fully naked or rather have bad breath and body odor the whole day?
Would you rather all of the members of the opposite sex liked you or have the prettiest (but stupid) girl in school as a girlfriend?
Would you rather be very short or exceptionally tall?
Would you rather have really small feet or overly big hands?
Would you rather eat a small can of six overripe bananas or dog food?
Would you eat a bowl full of a live frog or worms?
Would you rather live without your computer for a month or your phone for fourteen days?
Would you function as the teacher at the janitor or your school?
Would you rather not be visible or have the ability to fly?
Would you rather lose your capacity to speak or must say everything you are thinking?
Would you rather live on a plant or beneath the sea?
Would you rather need to listen to music each of the time or not manage to listen to music at all?
Would you rather function as the best player on a losing team or the worst player on a team that is winning?
Would you rather have incredibly little freakishly eyes or an exceptionally big nose?
Would you rather have friends which can be more intelligent than you or friends that are be much better looking than you?

“Would You Rather Questions” for Couples

Our choice of “ Would Rather” questions for couples functions well for holiday and other parties. It is enjoyable to see how much couples disagree or agree on issues and various issues.

Would you rather be attractive/beautiful and wed an ugly man or be hideous and marry a handsome/beautiful individual?
Would you rather marry someone who doesn’t love you or marry someone you don’t adore?
Would you be incredibly attractive or rather marry someone who is incredibly attractive yourself?
Would you rather live a long life in poverty or a short life with wealth?
Would you rather have everyone understand the information on your intimate life or understand about your personal finances?
Would you rather marry someone really affluent or someone who is quite handsome/beautiful?
Would you adopt as numerous children as you want or rather only have one child of your own?
Would you rather have a real “clunker” car and a house that is beautiful or a lovely sporty car and a classic house?
Would you have a pail packed with gold or rather save someone’s life?
Would you rather be appealing or rich and poor and nasty?
Would you rather fly throughout the world with your love that is true or is marooned on an island with your favorite celeb?
Would you rather marry someone who has tons of money or someone with a heart that is good?
Would you babysit a baby that’ll not quit crying or rather stay up all night helping an irritating family member with difficulty?
Would you rather manage to dress in designer clothes or buy everything you need at a discount store?
Would you rather get everything you want materially or find your true love?
Would you spend the rest of your life single or rather have an arranged marriage?
Would you rather have unsatisfactory sex nightly for a year that is full or great sex for one night?
Would you rather live out in town or the state?
Would you be sick and famous or loaded and quite unknown?
Would you rather take your holiday or go camping?
Would you preferably babysit crying infant triplets or go for 24 hours without water and food?